Linux tools for the Nokia Mediamaster


This page is dedicated to Linux software for the Nokia Mediamaster 9200, 9500 (D-Box) and 9600 satellite receivers, in particular for Mediamasters running the DVB2000 firmware. A lot of software is available for these receivers, but almost everything is written for MS-Windows. Since I don't use Windows, and have no plans to change that, I wrote some Linux tools. I'm making these tools available here under the GPL license, in a package called mmtools (Mediamaster tools).

The tools are pretty basic command line tools, so don't expect a nice GUI. Currently, the package consists of the following tools:


The primary purpose of this tool is to upload or download the channel settings and the configuration options of DVB2000. You can also use it to upgrade the DVB2000 firmware via the serial port. Of course, this requires a null-modem cable between the PC and the Mediamaster. Other uses of this tool include downloading or uploading arbitrary regions of RAM or Flash memory, and downloading or uploading the system and Teletext fonts. Invoke mmlink without any arguments to get a complete list of options.


Converts the (binary) channel settings file to a readable ASCII representation, or vice versa. You can edit the ASCII file with your favorite editor, convert it back to the binary format with this tool, and upload it to the Mediamaster with mmlink. Mmchan can also be used to update your channel settings from another settings file.


Converts the (binary) file with DVB2000 configuration options to a readable ASCII representation, or vice versa.

Some features of mmlink are implemented with a small 68340 subroutine that is uploaded and started on the Mediamaster. The CBEG D serial port command of DVB2000 is used to start this subroutine. However, this doesn't seem to work for DVB2000 versions lower than 1.77.0, so I suggest that you upgrade to at least version 1.77.0.

Firmware upgrade with mmlink

With mmlink -U, you can upgrade DVB2000 via the serial port without the need to pull the power plug. This upgrade will only work when you already have a version of DVB2000 running, so for the first-time installation, you have to use another method. In this case, you can use mmlink -B to download the firmware using the B2.00UnS bootloader only. This method is slower (19200 bps versus 38400 bps), and you have to pull the power plug, but works regardless of the installed firmware.

When, for some reason, the upgrade fails, or the new version of DVB2000 doesn't work, you would also have to fall back to the -B option to get a working version of DVB2000 installed. However, the chances that the upgrade fails are pretty low. The flash memory is not erased until the new firmware is completely read into a RAM buffer, and checked for correctness. Only when you pull the power plug during the 10-second actual flash programming phase, you may be left with a receiver that will not start anymore.

Once you have DVB2000 installed, it is very easy to upgrade to a newer version, you only have to type: mmlink -U dvb2000.bin and wait approximately 2.5 minutes for the Mediamaster to reboot. You can watch the progress on the front panel display. The picture below shows what you will see on the display during the last seconds of the upgrade process.

DVB2000 upgrade demo

Download & Installation

You can download the Mediamaster tools here:

To rebuild the tools, you need the GNU assembler configured for m68k. An RPM "spec" file for the assembler is included in the .tar.gz file, and instructions on how to build the assembler can be found in the README file.

After installing the RPM, you need to create a symlink to the serial port that is used for the Mediamaster communication. For example: ln -s ttyS0 /dev/mediamaster Make sure that the the upper speed limit of this serial port is not tweaked with setserial. The 38400 baudrate will only work when the port has the spd_normal flag. Starting with version 1.2, the mmlink command no longer runs the setserial command to reset this flag.